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Mon, Sep 25, 2023 02:00AM EDT - Fri, Sep 29, 2023 03:00PM EDT
Lot 575

1859-1950s Decorative Sterling Spoons (14)

Estimate: $200 - $400

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Price Bid Increment
$50 $10
$100 $25
$500 $50
$1,000 $100
$2,000 $250
$5,000 $500
$10,000 $1,000
$35,000 $2,500
Featured in this lot is this collection of fourteen decorative sterling spoons from various makers and locations. The first six spoons in this collection were made in Holland circa 1920-1940s. The first spoon features a sterling construction and a highly decorated neck and repousse bowl. The bowl shows an image of a man playing a violin next to some buildings. The image is highly detailed and has been gold washed, giving the image a golden hue. The top piece once housed a sculpted klompen but has since been broken off. The back of the handle shows a stamping reading, "Made in Holland". The second spoon shows a top piece of a building in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The spoon was made in Holland and features a sterling construction. The back of the neck is stamped reading "Holland / U.A.L. 45". Below the building top piece it reads, "Frankenmuth, Michigan". The third and fourth spoon are identical and show a 'Made in Holland" stamp on the underside of the bowl. The necks are highly detailed and they show top pieces of the bottoms of klompens, the Dutch traditional shoes, with small stampings present. The fifth spoon in this collection was made in Holland and features a sterling construction. The spoon shows a detailed neck and features a windmill as the top piece. The spoon is marked on the back with a stamp but it is illegible. The sixth and final spoon made in Holland shows a stamped top piece reading, "Moeder". The back of the neck shows a stamping reading, "J. S. Zn.", while the front shows a simple, yet elegant design. The seventh spoon was made in the United States circa 1940s by Isabella and is silver plated. The spoon shows simple designs on the neck of the spoon and stampings on the back reading, "Isabella Silver Plate U.S.A.". The spoon shows a warm patina from its vintage age. The next two sterling spoons are a set and were made in Australia. One spoon features a top piece of Australia with it reading, "Australia" in the center. The other spoon features a laughing kookaburra, Australia's national bird. Each neck of the spoon features a twist in the middle. The spoons show no makers marks or stampings. The tenth spoon in this collection was made in Birmingham, England but sent to the United States as an American novelty souvenir spoon for Columbia River Salmon in Portland, Oregon. The spoon shows a sterling bead outline throughout the entirety of the neck with a floral design at the top. The back of the neck is stamped reading, "Sterling" and shows the lion passant indicating the quality of the sterling and the Birmingham town mark. The inside of the bowl shows a stamped image of a salmon with it reading below, "Columbia River Salmon". The bowl has been gold washed and shows a golden hue. The eleventh sterling spoon in this collection was made by Grogan & Merz in 1859 in England. The spoon shows a highly decorated neck with floral designs and initials at the very top. The bowl of the spoon shows stamped images of a plant and a bird flying over it. The back of the neck of the spoon shows stampings reading, "Grogan & Merz / Sterling" and other stampings such as the lion passant, indicating the quality of sterling, a letter "R" indicating the year it was made (1859), and the town mark of Sheffield. The twelfth spoon in this lot is a souvenir spoon from Hawaii. The spoon features a sterling construction and reads "Hawaii" on the top of the neck. The top of the neck shows the crater of the Kilauea volcano and has the name of the volcano on the neck of the spoon as well. The back of the neck is stamped and reads, "Sterling". The thirteenth piece in this collection is a small cake / pie serving spoon made in England. This serving spoon shows a flat serving area with stamped designs throughout. The neck of the spoon shows a partial twisted handle with a flat top showing stamped designs as well. The back of the handle shows stampings such as the makers marks "JB" and "EP" as well as an "&", an "S" and a town mark. The final spoon in this collection features a nickel silver construction with a small stamping on the back. The bowl is large and features simple embossed designs on the edges of the bowl. The handle shows a simple stamped design. The spoons in this collection show good condition overall with some wear from their age and use but no signs of obvious damage are present. The spoons measure from 6 1/8" L x 1 13/16" W to 3 15/16" L x 13/16" W. The collective weight of all the spoons is 207.3 grams.

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