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C. 1870 Southern Cheyenne Beaded Pipe Bag RARE

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This is an exceptional, rare, and highly collectible circa 1870 beaded pipe bag from the Southern Cheyenne Native American Indians of the Southern Plains and from the DuPont family collection. The pipe bag is comprised of Indian brain-tanned buckskin, with sinew sewing along with long, frilly fringes of hand cut Indian tanned hide as well as the original tie strap still attached. The bag is a rare pattern referred to as “four tab” pipe bag which was exclusively by the Cheyenne tribe, which shows four beaded hide tabs hanging down off the top rim. Scholars have bever been able to determine if this was just an art feature for decoration or what purpose the tabs serve as they do not close and cover the opening. Authentic, period-correct Cheyenne four-tab pipe bags are exceedingly rare to come across as they are highly coveted by collectors. The bag shows period-correct 19th Century glass trade seed beads showing colors of chalk white, semi-transparent green, semi-transparent Cheyenne pink, and cobalt / semi-transparent royal. The entire bag has a rich yellow mineral pigment ocher / ochre coloring. This example is in excellent condition, being well preserved, with minor wear from honest age and Native use. The front and back of the bag are both beautifully beaded showing a classic 19th Century Cheyenne “bar designs”. There are beaded edges are both sides of the bag that go up to the top. Which itself has multi-colored beaded rim. The bag has no visible tears or repairs and is truly in excellent condition being masterful artwork of the Southern Plains Indians. Provenance: From the ex-collection of the DuPont family of St. Louis, MO. Measures overall 33 inches long by 5 ½ inches wide.