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C. 1880 Sioux Hightop Beaded Hard Sole Moccasins

Estimate: $5,000 - $7,500

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$5,000 $500
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$25,000 $2,500
$100,000 $5,000
This is an outstanding set of authentic original beaded hide high top / hightop moccasins with hard parfleche soles from the Sioux Native American Indians dating to circa 1880. The set shows stiff Indian tanned hide moccasins with hard parfleche rawhide soles and the tops being covered in period correct 1800’s glass trade seed beads that are sinew sewn in a traditional Buffalo track geometric pattern. The moccasins have a red ocher mineral pigment paint and are completely sinew rawhide sewn. The moccasins have sewn on high top / hightop leggings done in Indian tanned hide which is very stiff and has a sewn on section at the top of Indian tanned Buffalo Bison hide with a supple soft finish. The bottoms of the high top legging section, which appears original to the circa 1880 set shows a similar geometric pattern in glass trade seed beads of the 19th Century sewn in sinew with a red ocher like finish on the stiff hide having original ties, and a beaded border section where they overlap that extends up the shin. This is sewn with sinew to a soft supple Indian tanned Buffalo Bison hide which folds over at the top. The sole of the hightop moccasins appear to be parfleche envelope remnants with some red mineral pigment coloring on the base. Provenance: From the ex-collection of Lee Philips and Jessica Boerger of East Main Trading Post in Bozeman, Montana. One of the best sets of Hightop / High Top moccasins on the public market and truly a rare set. For a similar example see the Sioux circa 1880 Hightop Moccasins sold by High Noon Western Americana in 2011 for $6,600 (shown with BP) this set has very similar Buffalo track pattern with beaded attached leggings and softer folded over tops. Each measures approximately 9.5”L across sole by 3.75”W by 21.75”H.