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Kiowa Fully Painted Buffalo Hide by Dau-Law-Taine

Estimate: $4,000 - $8,000

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$100,000 $5,000
This is an excellent fully polychrome painted Great American Buson Buffalo hide from Kiowa artist Dau-Law-Taine. Darwin Tsoodle Kiowa (Dau-Law-Taine) is a Native American artist who was born in Anadarko, Oklahoma and is known for his depictions of Native American Braves on horseback. The buffalo hide rug shows a professionally tanned construction with a soft coat on the other side. The artwork hand painted scene of two Native American men shown in war regalia and ceremonial headdress's while exchanging spear thrusts and galloping toward each other. The Native Brave on the right is in white war paint sporting a feathered headdress. The Native Brave on the left is regaled in red war paint and a buffalo horned ceremonial cap. Both warriors are riding black and white spotted horses. The scene in the background shows a hillside under a setting sun with a orangish sky. The artist signature can be seen in the bottom right hand corner of the painted hide as Dau-Law-Taine and is dated 2021. The condition of this painted buffalo hide is good with no obvious signs of damage and in good overall condition. The piece is truly Dau-Law-Taine's finest masterpiece and possibly the finest Kiowa painted hide from the 21st Century ever offered for public sale, truly a fine work of art. The measurements of this painted hide are 74" x 50".