Lot 213

Rosebud Battle 1859 Sharps Carbine - Buffalo Bull

Estimate: $60,000 - $90,000

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Price Bid Increment
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$100,000 $5,000
This is an original 1859 Sharps Saddle Ring Carbine serial number 66631 owned by Oglala Sioux Warrior Buffalo Bull and used at the Battle of Rosebud. The rifle was examined by Wendell Grangaard of The Guns of History and was found to be signed in Togia, a Lakota language. Marked on the right side of the stock, “Buffalo Bull – rode together – Cheyenne – Old Bear” and also “Bull Tail” (illustration 1). On the lower part of the right-hand stock near the butt “Buffalo Bull – kill many battle – Bull Tail” (illustration 2). On the other side of the patch box near the butt also on the right side “Buffalo Bull – Rosebud Battle – Bull Tail” and on the patch box “Buffalo Bull – Bull Tail – son” (illustration 3). On the upper part of the left side of the stock is marked Bull Tail (illustration 4) and on the lower part of the left stock near the butt is marked “Buffalo Bull – Rosebud Battle – Bull Tail – son” (illustration 5). The rifle is also marked on the left side of the fore stock with Four Battle Marks Two Mortal Combat Marks Woyuha. Buffalo Bull was born in 1846 and his son Bull Tail was born in 1869. Bull Tail married Sarah Clear Away in 1889 and they had one daughter, Stands And Looks in 1890. It is believed due to the markings and history that Oglala Lakota Sioux Warrior Buffalo Bull rode into The Battle of Rosebud on June 17, 1876 and was severely wounded during the battle giving his rifle to his son Bull Tail (days before the Battle of the Little Bighorn not far away). Bull Tail then marked the gun himself and used it in later Great Sioux War Battles in 1876 and beyond. Bull Tail and his family lived in the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation. The rifle exhibits a 22” long original barrel chambered in __ caliber marked atop, “SHARPS RIFLE MANUFG. CO. HARTFORD, CONN.” And “NEW MODEL 1859”. On the falling block lever action the rifle is marked on the left, “C. SHARPS’ PAT. SEPT. 12TH 1848.”, on the right, “C. SHARPS’ PAT OCT. 5TH 1852” and “R.S. LAWRENCE PAT APRIL 12TH 1859”. The piece is a saddle ring carbine. The rifle exposed side hammer clicks back twice and is released by the trigger. The lever latch locks and unlocks the lever, allowing the block to fall and expose the breech / barrel. The rifling is still visible and there is spotting in the barrel. Marked on the back of the rifle frame tang “66631”. Antique Firearm, serial number 66631.