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Winchester Model 1876 .45-60 Lever Action Rifle

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Winchester 1876 Model .45-60 caliber sporting rifle, serial number 35941, made in 1883. The Model 1876 was Winchester’s first truly big bore repeating rifle. Essentially, it is a much larger version of their popular Model 1873 which was chambered for the “revolver length” cartridges .44-40, .38-40 and .32-20. The Model 1876 was designed for big game hunting primarily in the western part of the country where game much larger than eastern deer and black bear were commonly found. It is interesting to note that Theodore Roosevelt was a big fan of the Model 1876 and used several throughout the West that he had special ordered from Winchester. The Model 1876 was a serious, specialized rifle that was made in limited quantities. It was replaced by the Model 1886 in that same year. This rifle with 28” octagon barrel is chambered in the powerful and popular caliber .45-60. This cartridge held a .45 caliber lead bullet weighing 300 grains in front of a full 60 grains of black powder. This was a very potent cartridge that was used successfully on elk, grizzly bears and even buffalo, which were hunted in Montana as late as 1883. Most surviving 1876 rifles show very heavy frontier use and often abuse. This early example is in much finer condition than normally encountered today. The barrel and magazine display an attractive even, naturally aged blue along with the desirable buckhorn sporting rear sight with sliding elevation bar intact as well as the correct original Winchester blade front sight. The barrel top retains sharp and clear Winchester markings and patent dates. The caliber designation “45-60 CAL.” is clearly stamped on the barrel top ahead of the receiver. This same marking is also stamped correctly on the mellow brass lifter on the bottom of the receiver. The overall receiver shows an attractive aged gray/brown patina with fine blue on the loading gate. This example also retains the original dust cover, which is often missing on this model. The butt stock and forearm are both in very good condition and show only light normal handling marks. The action is tight with strong springs and tight functioning. The bore shows normal light use and retains good rifling throughout. The bore would be considered better than normally encountered on this model. Overall, a most attractive and rare “big bore” Winchester that is one of the most desirable, sought after, yet difficult to obtain, models in the entire lever action rifle field. Serial Number: 35941. This firearm qualifies as an Antique, and does not require FFL Transfer or NICS Background Check.