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Winchester Model 1906 Rare Expert .22 Pump Rifle

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Winchester Model 1906 rare “Expert” variant .22 Short, long and Long rifle plump action “Boys’ Rifle.” The Model ‘06 was a scaled down version of the popular full sized Model 1890 pump rifle and was produced from 1906 until 1935. It was intended as suitable for young boys and girls during the first half of the last century. Nearly all of the ‘06 Models had straight or “non-pistol grip” stocks and either smooth or grooved forends (pumps). The seldom seen “Expert” Model 1906 was a more deluxe version that sported a pistol grip stock and the distinctive and jaunty “clothes pin” forend that flairs at each end. When most boys were lucky to have an inexpensive single shot .22 Rim Fire rifle, few had the luxury or having a pump action repeater, and still fewer yet would be given the deluxe “Expert” repeating Model ‘06 rifle! Like most boys’ rifles of the period, those that have survived to the present time show hard use and often abuse. As is often said with “tongue in cheek,” these rifles were simply loved to death. Hence, it is difficult to find any Winchester Model ‘06 in fine condition and even more so for an Expert Model ‘06. Additionally, the .22 ammunition of the Pre-World War I and II eras was highly corrosive and unless the bore was cleaned immediately after shooting, rust and pitting would occur. This example has a surprisingly excellent bright bore. It has matching serial numbers on the receiver and barrel assembly of 623398 indicating a manufacture date of 1920. The Model ‘06 was a takedown design in which the rifle could easily be broken into two parts by simply unscrewing the knurled screw on the left side of the receiver. Special canvas cases were available for the two halves to fit for attaching to bicycles. This fine rifle has an excellent stock with the original Winchester embossed hard rubber butt plate and showing very tight wood to metal fit. The forend is equally excellent. The blued finish on these boys’ rifles was of a lesser quality than applied to more expensive center fire hunting rifles, like the Model 1894 etc. Therefore the blue finish on the barrel, magazine tube and receiver wore and flaked quickly and is rarely found intact. This 102 year old Model ‘06 still displays fine receiver blue that is fairly evenly mixing with natural aged plum/blue patina. Similarly, the barrel and magazine assembly share this attractive coloring. The barrel and upper tang markings on the receiver are sharp and clear as is the caliber designation on the rear of the correct 20” barrel. The 1901 patent dated rear buckhorn sight is original as is the small Winchester blade front sight. Overall, a most attractive and rare Winchester .22 model in uncleaned condition with an equally rare excellent bore! Serial Number: 623398. This firearm qualifies as an Antique, and does not require FFL Transfer or NICS Background Check.