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1872 The Country of the Dwarfs by Paul du Chaillu

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Featured in this lot is this 1872 of "The Country of the Dwarfs" by Paul du Chaillu. Paul du Chaillu was a 19th-century, French-American anthropologist who became famous for being the first to confirm the existence of gorillas and the Pygmy people in Africa to Europe. In his second expedition to Africa, beginning in 1863, Chaillu encountered the Pygmy people who inhabited the forests of Central and West Africa. The accounts of this voyage were published in his “Country of the Dwarfs”; it was in great demand in both America and England. This 1871 edition features 23 full-page engravings of the Pygmy people, as well as Chaillu’s experience within their culture. Other important details in this book include: African superstitions, tracing and hunting gorillas, discovery of ant-eaters and leopards, outbreak of the plague, witch doctor and a magic horn to control rain, making of poison arrows, dwarf dances, and more. Mark Twain, known for his travel books, owned a copy of this first edition and included it in his list of important travel books. The condition of this book is good with some slight wear to the bottom and top portion of the spine and browning to the pages consistent with the age of the book but otherwise in good overall condition. The measurements of this book are 7 5/8" x 5 1/4" x 1 1/8".