Lot 66

Large/Medium 6 Layer Venetian Chevron Trade Beads

Estimate: $400 - $800

Bid Increments

Price Bid Increment
$0 $5
$50 $10
$100 $25
$500 $50
$1,000 $100
$2,000 $250
$5,000 $500
$10,000 $1,000
$25,000 $2,500
$100,000 $5,000
For your consideration is a collection of six layered large and medium size Chevron trade beads originating from the early 19th century. Chevrons beads are made by a multi-part process. They start with the making of the cane, then another color glass is added, and then this is usually put into a 12 point star mold. This process is repeated for each additional layer on the bead. Chevron beads, also called "Rosetta" and "Star" beads, have been made in Venice since the late 1400's. Chevron beads have been traded throughout the world, but most heavily in Africa. The Dutch traders were the first to bring Chevron beads to Africa in the late 1400's. This collection shows thirteen large to medium six layer chevron beads showing beautiful blue, red, and white glass layers. The three largest beads are a great example as to how the amount of carving can change the appearance of the bead by highlighting different colors. These beads measure on average 1 1/4" long by 7/8" wide. The next three beads show very little carving, revealing the pattern only on the ends. These beads measure an average of 1 1/8" by 3/4". The next bead shows the beginning of having facets carved in but not finished. This very unique bead measures 1" X 1". The next bead is an oblong bead that has eight facets carved into it. This bead measures 1 3/8" long and 5/8" wide. This bead has a small chip on one end. The next three beads are an average of 7/8” X 5/8”. These three beads show how the thickness of a color layer can affect the pattern when carving the bead. The last two beads are of a rounder shape, measuring 3/4” wide; one is 1/2" long and the other is 5/8" long. The larger of these two beads has some wear and a small chip in the area of an air vent. Overall, these beads are in good condition for their age.