Lot 14

Louis Francois Joseph Tronville (1817-1875) Oil

Estimate: $6,000 - $8,000

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Price Bid Increment
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$50,000 $5,000
$100,000 $10,000

For your consideration is this original Louis Francois Joseph Fronville (1817-1875) painting titled, "Belgian Packet Boat Entering The Meuse Estuary" done in Paris, France in 1852. The painting shows an ocean scene with six boats on the calm ocean water. The closet boat to the viewer is a fishing boat with some fishermen casting or reeling in a fish net. Just behind them is the Belgian Packet Steam Boat coming into the Meuse Estuary, a delta river in the Netherlands formed by the confluence of the Rhine, the Meuses and the Scheldt rivers. The Belgian boat is flying a Belgian flag from its back mast. In the foreground, there is a floating barrel with three seagulls flying over it. The sky is dark but the cloud covered sun still casts a golden hue through the clouds and onto the calm ocean waters. The artist's signature and date can be seen in the bottom right hand corner reading, "Tronville 1852" in red paint. On the bottom of the frame there is a gold colored plaque reading, "Louis Francois Joseph Tronville b. 1819 - Bar le Duc, France / Belgian Packet Boat Entering the Meuse Estuary Paris - 1852". The painting is set in a gold painted wood frame showing some wear and fading of paint throughout from its age and use over the years. The painting shows good condition with a small crack in the top right and very slight cracking to the paint in some areas but no other obvious damage is noted. The visible art measures 37" L x 49 1/2" W, while the entire piece measures 43 1/8" L x 55 1/2" W.*